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Here at Extras Ireland, our members and clients know us and we know them. 
We’re not an automated website so we always communicate with you personallyWe pride ourselves on being open, honest and respectful of all our Extras, Actors and Models. You’re not just a number to us – you’re a person

The way we work is simple:
1. Production companies contact us looking for Extras / Actors / Models for a project. It might be a TV show, Film, Commercial, Corporate Video, Music Video or Event.
2. We search our database to see who is most suitable and send an availability check. Then, we send personal recommendations of available talent to production.
3. The production team decides who they would like us to book for their project. If you get chosen, we let you know all the details for the shoot.
4. Afterwards, we follow up with you to see how it went – we are always excited to hear! We will always pay you via our Payroll system.  

Click on the question to find the answer.

No, most of our people are either studying or have another form of employment.

Yes, absolutely. The only difference is that as you don’t possess a PPS number we’ll ask you to invoice us after a job instead of us paying you via payroll.

Most of the requests we receive are for projects shooting in Dublin and the surrounding areas, but shoots take place all over Ireland.

No, your personal information will be kept by us here at Extras Ireland. We communicate exclusively internally with production companies. We do not have a database that is searchable online.

Please don’t call into the office to register. We’re a small team and experience very busy periods so we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to chat to you and sign you up.

It’s impossible to predict how much work anyone who signs up with us will be booked for. It depends on what the client is looking for, your suitability for their project and your availability. We cannot guarantee that you will secure work with us but we will always put you forward for jobs you are suitable for.

This depends on the job. Sometimes you might know a week in advance but if it’s urgent we may be asking if you’re free immediately!

An availability check is just that – we are checking to see if you would be available for a specific job. It is not an offer of work. If you respond to us saying that you are available, this does not guarantee that you will be chosen. The final decision will always be made by the production company.

No, definitely not. We are always looking for the right people for each project so we will certainly suggest you for other jobs that you are suitable for. You are not obliged to accept work that we offer you if you are not available.

Depending on the job, you might be on set for 30 minutes or for a very long day of upwards of 10 hours.

This really depends on the job and how long you are out working for. Fees can vary from €50 for a couple of hours’ work to several thousands of euro for working on a television commercial.

After you complete the job, we will be in touch via email to see how it went and to organise your payment. All of our payments go through Revenue so you must have a PPS number to work with us. If based in Northern Ireland we’ll ask you to invoice us instead. We will transfer your fee directly into your bank account, usually approximately 6 weeks from the date you worked. You must have a bank account, we will never pay by cash.

Register Talent Ireland

1.Download an application form below and fill it out.

You can either fill it out the PDF document on your computer or print it out and complete by hand. Try to be as detailed as possible where it comes to skills and experience – the more we know the better!

To download an application form for Under 18s, click here.
To download an application form for Over 18s, click here.

2. Take a couple of simple, clear photographs.

Production companies often select someone for a project purely based on their photo so we want you to have the best chance possible of being chosen. All you need is a camera, a simple background (no messy rooms!) and someone to take a photo of you. Please avoid pictures where you are with other people, wearing sunglasses or costumes.

Your photo should be in colour with no filters. You should look like you on a normal day.

3. Email us your form & photos.

Send us your material at [email protected] – If you are a professional actor or model with a CV, headshots, and showreel we would love to receive those too!

Once you send us your form and photographs, we will send you an email to confirm we have received them. Bear in mind that this may take a couple of days. If you have submitted everything correctly, we will add you to our database and will hopefully be sending you an availability check for a job soon!

Talent Ireland

Give us a phone call at +353 1 634 31 12 or send us an email at [email protected]

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