EXTRAS IRELAND: Testimonials

Some feedback from some of what our extras with Extras Ireland have been up to the past few days…

I would like to thank all concerned for the opportunity to work as an extra through your agency. As somebody who is self-employed , working in one of the most cutthroat industries imaginable, its great to take time out in a most enjoyable alternative…I hope that I represented Extra’s Ireland in a positive light and look forward to working with you further

“I am sending this email to thank you for the opportunity to have worked through you. I hope you guys do not forget me for new opportunities in different productions.”“Was great! Really intense subject topic so was a lil tough but spirits were high and we kept it light hearted!… Cheers for putting me forward for it”

“I just went through the script and it looks like a bit of fun and I cannot wait to get stuck into it, really looking forward to it. Thanks again”

“I had a great weekend thanks…was a lot of fun and great to see how it all worked from behind the camera. I really enjoyed the experience and am eager for more.”

“Cast and crew were very friendly and we were looked after extremely well… Most enjoyable set I’ve been on!”

“Yesterday was a fun and interesting day indeed, I will look forward to a few more like that hopefully.”