CASTING CALL: Tall Man Aged 45-65

Hi All!

We are looking to cast a man in a short film shooting in February and March (Must be VERY available in early March as this shoot will run over a few days on location) 

we are looking for:

45’s-65  YEARS OLD.

6 FT TALL MAN- (We will accept applicants who are 5ft10 and 5ft 11 but no shorter!)



To apply please send me 2 pictures.

1: Full length shot. Taken against a bright, clear, plain background. (No holiday shots, Dark photos,  or cropped old photos will be accepted. It can be taken on your phone)

2: Another full length from the back, ideally wearing some kind of long coat.

This is a paid job! Auditions early next week.

Send Pictures to with ‘Tall Man Casting’ in the subject bar.


Thank you!!


5 TIPS For Getting Work As An Extra in Ireland

Extra work is never guaranteed, as is the nature of the Film & TV business. The work comes and goes like changing seasons, with busy periods and periods of very little happening. Traditionally Summer and Autumn tend to be when most of the filming takes place for many productions in Ireland due to the climate, weather and hours of daylight. We’ve put together a few tips on improving your chances of getting work this year:

1. Photos & Videos Recently many casting and advertising agencies are asking Extras Ireland to send in short videos of our Extras. To get your videos into us as quickly as possible please ensure you send us files as .mov, or .mp4 and not showreel links, YouTube links or password protected videos. Its always helpful to save your videos in your drafts folder in your email, so you can quickly forward the email when videos are required. Also ensure you name the videos and additional photos with your name for quick referencing.

2. A Great Work Ethic

You might not get work straight away, you may never get work, but having a pleasant attitude and work ethic certainly helps in us contacting you for future work. Its perfectly acceptable to turn down offers of work. Its always better to say NO than say YES and never turn up on the day.

3. A Fully Completed Application Form

Excluding important information like costume measurements, languages spoken, experience and skills can make your online profile look pretty bare. Ensure you have given us all your correct contact information and update us about your experiences on set as much as possible.

4. Attending our Meet & Greets

You can greatly improve your chance of getting work if you have attended one of our FREE Meet & Greets. Many productions are delighted to have the safety and guarantee of professional Extras on set at all times. Our Meet & Greets act as a opportunity to brief all our Extras on what to expect prior to getting work as an Extra, and also ensure that we only put forward people we believe are right for the production.

5. Notifying us of your availability and holiday plans

Please don’t hesitate to keep our casting team up to date with your holiday plans and work schedule. It helps speed up the process of ensuring we don’t contact you at a bad time.

Happy St.Patricks Day!

Happy St.Patricks Day!

All the staff at Extras Ireland would like to wish our brand new members a fantastic Paddys Day weekend. The weather is looking promising so make the most of it.

April is fast approaching and our places for FREE annual membership are filling up quickly. We’ve had a great response from everyone thus far, so please help spread the words to neighbours, families and friends.

Our production offices will be closed on Monday 17th but will reopen for castings on Tuesday 18th. Book in on

Keep an eye out for our exciting production news in the upcoming weeks….