A little message from the EI team.

A huge thank you to all of you who have met and joined our team over the past few months. We’ve had nothing but good things to say from our many clients about our Extras out on set, and time and time again we are praised for the dedication, patience and professionalism of all of you.

Its been difficult to find work for everyone, but for those of you we’ve been lucky enough to work with, we offer our gratitude and thanks for putting up with us, our not-so-friendly Irish weather and the ever changing schedules.

We’re currently wrapping up another busy month at Extras Ireland, finishing up on 4 commercials and two different TV productions. We’ve also begun sending out our Christmas newsletters, Christmas cards and festive treats!!

We hope to be in touch very early in the New Year as we begin casting for one high end production in early January.

From all of us here at Extras Ireland and The Production People….

Happy Christmas x

Extras Ireland Production People

EXTRAS IRELAND: Feedback From Our Extras

We were delighted to hear such positive great feedback from some of our extras who were out on productions in the past week. We strive to make sure our Extras are well looked after and treated well on any production so regardless of whether you had a good or bad experience its so important to let us know how you get on. Please get in touch and let us know how you get on by sending us an email to

CASTING CALL: Baldy men, Dublin accents, and Female actors

Just some of the recent requests in some of our productions in the last week. Most of our work has been in the Dublin/ Meath area for men and a few females roles too. Our Extras have been called out on historical dramas, commercials as well as some prosthetics tests, costume fittings and auditions. Don’t worry if you haven’t been contacted by us just yet, we try our best to keep everyone in mind for all productions. At the moment we are looking for Extras to match a very specific look and size so please make sure you have sent us your correct costume measurements.

Many thanks,

Extras Ireland x

What we look for in our Extras?

how to be a good extra_extras_ireland_steven_sheehy

Many people ask what’s expected of being an extra? Most importantly we want extras we can trust. We need extras to be reliable, punctual and well behaved on set at all times. Secondly its helpful to have good availability, a good work attitude and someone who can take directions from camera operators, AD’s, production and directors. Its very easy to be an extra, but to be a GREAT extra requires a certain type of personality. You know the types, the ones that never let you down, never complain and seem to really enjoy what they do. We are delighted to have many of these GREAT extras on our team already. However if you know of anyone who fits that part and is available for work, please let them know to get in contact with us.

We’ve added more Meet & Greet dates for the first week in April. Theres a special offer with no charge to sign up, no hidden costs or fees for a photograph. Head to