CASTING CLOSED – TV Pilot – Mixed Race Siblings Aged 4-9


We are looking for two children who are mixed race and possibly siblings, aged between 4-9 for a TV Pilot series filming in Dublin on June 3rd.

One of the children will be featured and the other child will be an extra.

A chaperone (Parent or guardian) should also be available to attend.

If interested please email us at with the subject line MIXED SIBLINGS.


We are looking to source red head kids for an exciting new TV series shooting in Oct-Nov over the course of a number of days. We are particularly looking for kids with red hair in between the ages of 5-10! If your kids or someone you know might fit the bill, please email us ASAP before Monday evening.

We require:

  • Full contact details of Parents / Childs name
  • Availability of Parent / Guardian / Child over the course
  • Please attach a short video (less than 30 sec) of the kid talking to camera in a fun way: they can say their age, their name, location, experience (if any), and anything else they like or hate (food, sports, singers, holidays etc)

Email: with RED HEAD as subject line