GUIDE: How to Become an Extra in Movies and TV?

Many people often ask how to become an Extra in Movies and TV? You may just be a blurry dot on screen or end up on the cutting room floor. You may just see a celebrity, and have a good story to tell your friends. You may have your own costume, weapons, vehicle or even be given lines of dialogue and notes from the Director. Being an Extra for the most part is an exciting opportunity to do something new, fun and out of the ordinary. It’s a chance to meet new people and can often pay well too. The best way to get on TV or be in a film is joining and registering with an Extras Agency. By registering with companies like Extras Ireland, we simply contact you when an opportunity with criteria that matches your particular physical description comes up. You are then given a call sheet by ourselves or the production company and told when to report to work. We generally check your availability a few days before the job. extras-tv-show-extrasirelandOn most sets, your “boss” will either be the Assistant Director or Extras Co-ordinator (or wrangler — or it could even be under a different name — it depends on the production company). Make things easy on yourself and for the crew by doing exactly as you’re told. They will be very specific about things like when to appear (i.e “Open the door, six seconds after they call action”), where to go, when to eat and whom you should and should not speak to on a set. 99% of the time you are required to ‘mime’ on set. So when you’re asked to speak with another Extra you are really being asked to mouth your words and create the illusion of a real life animated conversation. This applies to everything that you should do. Keep in mind every noise that you make is picked up on the microphones, so you will need to be as silent as possible in everything you do.

Being an Extra for the most part is an exciting opportunity to do something new, fun and out of the ordinary.

After you’ve registered with an agency, its really luck of the draw if you get called for work. Some productions look for very particular extras like soldiers, warriors or vikings, whereas some productions look for modern day people, different nationalities or people who will fit into the costumes. Some commercials and TV series often look for young children and even babies to be part of the production. The working day can be long and early call times of 7am are normal. Its important to act and behave professional at all times, and make sure you turn up on time. That said, it’s an easy, yet tiring and often thankless job. However, if you’re simply looking for any way to be a part of a Hollywood or Bollywood movie or television series then becoming an Extra might just be your ticket in. If this sounds like something you might enjoy you can register with us today. We don’t want you to pay for photo packages, lessons on being an extra, or booking fees thats why its 100% FREE to join with us. Keep an eye out on our website, Irish Film & TV websites, and social media like Facebook and Twitter for the chance to get your first day out as an Extra. To read more about becoming an Extra with Extras Ireland please FAQ page.