Casting I Babies 6-9mths for Photoshoot

Paid if cast.

Hi all – hope you’re having a great week so far and are keeping safe and healthy!

Things are starting to pick up in the world of casting and at the moment we’re looking for TWO BABIES age 6-9 months for a PHOTOSHOOT for a baby product company.

The shoot will take place in DUBLIN so you must be Dublin-based to apply (because of the current travel restrictions in place.) Production are flexible on dates but ideally the shoot will take place sometime in JUNE.

Of course, all possible measures will be taken to protect the health and safety of the baby and the parent / guardian who accompanies them in line with industry guidelines.

If you’d like more information, simply send Aislinn an EMAIL on with ‘Baby Photoshoot’ in the subject line. She’ll be delighted to hear from you and can tell you more about how you and your little cutie can apply.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

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Blog I 10 Tips for Extras on Set

10 Tips for Actors

By Aislinn Ní Uallacháin I Head of Casting @ Extras Ireland

Starting out, I spent a lot of time working as an Extra – Fair City, Raw, Primeval, Vexed, Crimecall, Penny Dreadful, What Richard Did, Camelot, Triage, Albert Nobbs, The Apprentice and Ripper Street to name a few. Now working in Casting, I have experience on both sides which is so important I think – always love passing on some of my wisdom to help others! Here are some tips (and the reasons behind them) for those out working as an Extra to help you have the best experience possible and to increase the chances of being re-booked.

Know that you are important.
As I mentioned in my previous blog Extras – Increase Your Chances, I know Extras often feel like they’re the last to know anything but I want you to know that you are extremely important. We always get specific requests at Extras Ireland so we’re searching for the perfect person/people for a job. Production won’t say – ‘I need 20 extras, it doesn’t matter who, just book whoever.’ They’ll be very particular and if they pick you, they want and need you.

Be on time.
You MUST be on time for your shoot. Remember that whatever your call time is, you’ve been given that time for a reason. You might have a tricky costume so Wardrobe need time to get you into it or if you have lots of hair (like me!), Hair and Make-up may need longer with you than other Extras. Make everyone’s job easier and arrive at the time you’re asked to. If you’re late, a note is always made by Production and you may not be booked again.

Bring everything you need.
Depending on the shoot, costume will be provided or you’ll be asked to bring your own clothes. Always bring what you’re asked to. If you don’t have something you’re asked for (eg black jeans, white runners), that’s no problem – just make sure you tell someone so that Wardrobe know they have to pick something up for you. Never arrive without something you were asked to bring specifically. If you’re asked to bring a few options, bring a few options.

Respect props and costumes.
I think a general rule of thumb is to remember that everyone on a set has worked hard to get there and wants to create something fantastic. Whatever costumes or props you’re given, be careful with them. You don’t know how long someone spent making a dress or chair or how far someone had to drive to get a specific hat or cup because it’s important to the scene. Respect hard work and if something rips or breaks, report it so it can be repaired or replaced.

Don’t make changes.
On period dramas, prepare to look dishevelled and dirty. I can’t tell you the amount of times I saw people ‘fix themselves’ – tidy their hair, apply fresh make-up, adjust costume to make it less baggy etc. Of course they were always brought back to be re-done – so terrified of not looking their best on screen. Well, guess what? You’re a beggar in Victorian London – you’re not supposed to look good! And guess what else? They were never booked again.

Don’t expect too much.
I learned so much from watching Actors. I also learned that some Extras can get strangely annoyed if Actors aren’t chatty and being good craic. ‘So-and-so isn’t very friendly’. It’s not their job to be friendly! It’s their job to do a good job. They’re trying to remember lines, what’s coming next, the previous scenes so they’re constructing the story well, and for many, worrying if this is going to be a big success or a huge flop.

Take in as much as you can.
To be honest with you, Extras generally spend a lot more time on sets than actors. I learned so much as an Extra which really helped me when I was a working Actor. The language used on set, what jobs different people do, how a day is structured, how to work with the camera, etc. So if you’re someone who is starting off as an Extra and hoping to make Acting a career, drink it all in because you’ll probably never spend so much time on sets again!

No Social Media.
It’s a big no-no to post anything online – what you’re filming, where you are, what the Actors are doing etc. Anyone who worked on Game of Thrones knows what it’s like to be sworn to secrecy (figuratively and legally) – imagine the biggest TV show in the world being ruined because an Extra posted about it. You have a glimpse into scenes, characters, locations, storylines and sometimes huge twists in a plot – you cannot post anything online.

Be positive.
You never know what you’ll be doing – in a battle, eating in a cafe, escaping an explosion… You have to be up for anything and while daunting for a first timer, experienced Extras will usually take it in their stride and help newcomers. Be positive and adopt a Can-Do attitude, not a Do-I-Have-To? one. It’ll make for a more enjoyable experience and you’re more likely to be booked again. Also, remember ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ go a long way.

Enjoy yourself!
If you’re selected as an Extra for a job, make sure you enjoy it. I know the days can be long and tiring but sets are very exciting places to be. You meet fascinating people, all the star of their own story. As someone who’s naturally shy, meeting new people every day was great for me – in fact, I met my best friend on Camelot back in 2010 – so incredibly grateful. People make great friends and I know a few who’ve even met their other half. So make the most of it!

I hope this has been helpful! Do you have any stories from being on sets? Do you have other tips that aren’t in here? Let me know, always delighted to hear about your own experiences!

Blog I What Are Actors Up To?

What Are Actors Up To?

By Aislinn Ní Uallacháin
Former Actor & Head of Casting 

It’s a very tough time for us all at the moment. We’re missing loved ones, worried about our jobs and unsure of how the situation is going to be resolved. Having been an actor for so long, I wonder how I would have coped had this happened a few years ago. Acting is a difficult path in terms of finance and self-worth at the best of times – let alone in the current climate. I’ve been reaching out to actors to check how they’re getting on in the midst of it all.

Untitled design (5)

1. Watching Classic Movies
Lots of actors are watching classic films that they keep meaning to watch but just never get around to it. One actor told me they’re working their way through all the Best Picture winners right back to the beginning of the Academy Awards as a study of great film-making and acting. If you want to learn, learn from the best! Recommendations from actors include Planet of the Apes, On the Waterfront, All About Eve, To Kill a Mockingbird, Psycho, Rocky, The Godfather and Pretty Woman.

2. Doing their Day Job
As we know, most actors have a side job – teaching, tour guiding, retail, bartending and temping to name but a few. So for many it’s not only their primary job that has gone at the moment but their side one as well – that’s proving difficult for people. Thankfully, some actors are still able to work in their other job at the moment and are very grateful to have it – even if they’re usually dreaming of Hollywood. Jobs that actors are still doing include retail, admin, social media, content creation, electrician work and deliveries.
3. Caring for their Families
For some actors that I’ve spoken to, acting is the furthest thing from their minds at the moment. Like so many, their first priority is looking after their children and family members. Some are official carers for family members so making sure they’re okay is at the top of the list. One actor who cares for their mother told me that the situation has given them some perspective. They usually spend so much time worrying about their career. None of that really matters right now.
Untitled design (4)
4. Feeling Incredibly Creative
In some cases, moments of difficulty can inspire great works of art. For some actors, the last few weeks have spurred them on to spend their time creating and developing their skills as an actor. They have been writing plays, making their own shorts, reading plays, recording voiceover from home, starting podcasts, learning more about how to use their camera and taking online acting classes and workshops. Not just in preparation for when all this passes but because they have the overwhelming urge to create.
5. Enjoying the Downtime
On the other hand, an awful lot of actors are feeling the opposite – not creative at all. In fact, one actor told me that in a strange way, it’s a nice feeling not being so caught up in worrying about auditions and jobs – because there aren’t any! It can be exhausting. When things are up and running again these actors will return to immersing themselves in their art but for now, they’re appreciating a slower pace of life, the chance to recharge their batteries and to reconnect with family and friends.

Blog I Audition Advice for Actors

Audition Advice for Actors

By Aislinn Ní Uallacháin
Former Actor & Head of Casting 

If you’re invited to audition for a project, the biggest thing I want you to know is that the casting team on the other side of the table are rooting for you. They would love for you to be great and are hoping you’ll get it. They won’t waste their time bringing in someone who has absolutely no chance of getting the role. So remember that getting asked into the room in the first place is a wonderful thing and a huge step above all the other actors who weren’t. Believe me – whoever is running the casting session wants to show the client / production team that they’ve done a great job of assembling the best options. It’s not a case of them sitting there just dying to judge talent all day for the sake of it. Somebody will get the job and they want it to be you!

Depending on the job, production may provide you with a section of the script (known as sides) in advance of the audition. If you have the luxury of having sides beforehand, this is brilliant! Become as familiar with them as possible. When you think about it, there’s really so little you can control in an audition situation – whether they like you or not, who else is auditioning for the same role, what direction they’ll give you etc. When I was acting, I was very aware that the only thing I could really control was my own preparation. Yes, it’s challenging when you’re given a script at short notice but if you’re going to make this your career, you need to accept that it’s part of the job. Be delighted you have a script to work on and an opportunity to perform in front of a captive audience – enjoy it!
You’d be surprised at the amount of actors who come into the room and the first thing they say is something like ‘I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to prepare’, ‘ I didn’t get any sleep last night’, ‘I only just got the script now’ or ‘I’m not feeling well today’. What do people hope this will achieve? I’ve seen it happen quite a bit and it brings the whole room down immediately. All they’re doing is starting their audition off on a negative note and preparing the casting team for a poor quality performance. Never start off with excuses – if you’re not well, say nothing. If you haven’t had much time to prepare, say nothing. Just do your audition as best you can and let the team make up their own minds. Don’t set yourself up for a fall before you even get to do any acting for them!
As a Straight-A Student all through school, it would throw me off when I did an audition and instead of the team saying ‘Brilliant, well done’, they’d ask me to do it again in a different way. It seems so blatantly obvious to me now but as a youngster starting out I took this to mean that they didn’t like it and didn’t think I did it ‘right’. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this and letting it phase you! The casting team will more often than not ask you to try it a different way to see if you can take direction and are happy to experiment. Be prepared of course and know your script but don’t be so locked into your own interpretation that you can’t change it up when asked. They want to see how you think on your feet and how you collaborate to arrive at a great take – important if you’re going to be on set.
As I said above, if you have sides in advance make sure you’re as familiar with them as possible. As well as helping you to deliver a much better performance, the team will respect and admire the fact that you took the time to work on them. If there’s nothing to prepare in advance for the session, they’ll ask you to act out a scenario on the spot instead. Some actors love this, others don’t like it at all. In this instance, I think you need to be very on the ball so you can take in and then present what the team are asking you to do. Listen carefully. You also need to be unafraid to look silly and be willing to play around. They might ask you to do this because they’re not quite sure what they’re looking for yet – so it could be you. Enjoy having a chance to play and to use your imagination!

Blog I 2019 @ Extras Ireland – What a Year!

Another year almost over at Extras Ireland and it’s been an absolute whopper! Thanks so much to all our extras, actors and models – we’re delighted to work with each and every one of you. To all of our clients, thank you for coming to us for help – every project is a new and exciting adventure for us!

Here’s a little look back at just ten of the projects we’ve collaborated on this year, each one a gem.

We’re so very grateful for a prosperous 2019 and are looking forward to lots more exciting projects in 2020!

Aislinn xx

I am Patrick: The Patron Saint of Ireland (Docudrama)

”I AM PATRICK peels back centuries of legend and myth to tell the true story of Saint Patrick. Through historical re-enactments, expert interviews and Patrick’s own writings, experience the journey from man to saint.”

We were so delighted to be able to provide the extras and featured extras for this spectacular docudrama about the man himself. Our extras got the chance to travel way out west and by all accounts it was an amazing experience on Achill Island this summer.

Working on a period piece was both challenging and fun for us here in the office, thanks so much to all, definitely a 2019 highlight for us.

Check out the trailer here.

Westlife ‘Better Man’ (Music Video)

Imagine our excitement when we were approached to source the extras for Westlife’s comeback music video – we really had to keep this one under wraps so that there wouldn’t be legions of screaming fans turning up to the shoot!

We booked lots of teens to play secondary school students, adults to play the teachers and Kyna, the gorgeous little girl who bounds in at the end to her Mum. Definitely one of our favourite projects this year.

Click here to watch the vid from the boys!

Rugby World Cup (RTE Promo)

It was an absolute treat to source the Japanese extras for the RTE Rugby World Cup promo. We reached out to the Japanese community in Ireland and met some really wonderful people along the way. A really special one for us.

Aislinn was actually in Japan during the World Cup so it was a particularly exciting one for her to have worked on!

You can watch the promo here to catch a glimpse of our fab extras!


Fota Island Resort (Live Events)

As well as extras, we of course have a huge pool of talented, professional actors on our books who are available for stage, screen and event work.

For both their Halloween and Christmas interactive events, we helped Fota to find actors who are game for lots of improvisation, full of creativity and who aren’t afraid to expect the unexpected!

Fota’s Christmas Experience is currently running in Cork until December 23rd, click here for more details.

Smyths (Commercial)

We have a fab working relationship with Smyths and are always excited when they get in touch! Whether they’re looking for newborns for catalogue stills or older kids to present some unboxing vids, we’re always thrilled to collaborate with them. So many cuties!

Check out little Danny in an ‘unboxing’ video here, a natural!

To the Moon (Documentary)

During 2019 we’ve been busy sourcing voiceoverartists for ‘To the Moon’, a gorgeous documentary about the moon that’s in the works. We’ve helped to source speakers of various languages to take part in this project – Spanish, Albanian, Greek, Romanian… it’s going to be really fabulous and we’re so proud to be a part of it!

Read more about this beautiful documentary here.

Crimecall (TV)

Our extras and featured extras have been out working on Crimecall for RTE as both suspects and victims this year.
Often a challenging job for us as they must look as similar as possible to the real people involved – some extremely specific requests come in but we’re always up to the task!

More info on Crimecall here.

Avonmore Lactose Free Milk (Online Video)

We often get unique requests in – we just never know what’s going to come our way!

One of the more unusual projects we worked on this year was for Avonmore – sourcing people who are lactose intolerant.

Nothing is impossible

Check out their stories here.
_______________________________________________ (Video and Stills Campaign)

We’re very proud at Extras Ireland to have models of various nationalities and ethnicities on our books – check out some of our ladies on this Ding shoot earlier this year – just fabulous.

Great to have so many out on this shoot for St Patrick’s Day. Thanks Ding!

Green Knight (Feature Film)

We had lots of our actors and extras on set during the summer for Green Knight, a fantasy re-telling of the medieval story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Lots of special requirements for various roles in this one – horse riding, screen combat, calligraphy, weaving, swimming…

Will be an interesting one when it hits cinemas next year, more info here on IMDB.