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Here at Extras Ireland, we pride ourselves on personally meeting, photographing and briefing our extras, actors and models. We understand their personalities, their experience and the roles that suit them best.

Let us know who you need for your project and we will provide you with a comprehensive list of performers that will fit both your budget and production needs.

We offer competitive rates and personalised professional service and our team love what they do.

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What our clients have said:
''The team at Extras Ireland were simply fantastic.
Very quick responses, great extras, a pleasure to deal with and very helpful.''
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The Basics

We have over 3,000 people on our database of all ages, looks, nationalities and levels of ability.

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Definitely not! We specialise in extras but we also have a large number of professional actors and models on our database with CVs and showreels.

We are located in the heart of Dublin but have cast projects all across Ireland, both North and South. We have extras, actors and models in all of the major cities and the towns in between.

My Project

Contact us by phone or email with your inquiry and we’ll be only too delighted to help. It’d be just wonderful if you had dates, fees, and as much information about the project as possible to help us narrow down exactly who it is you’re looking for.

We can guarantee that we will do our very best to provide you with all of the suggestions we can.

Extras Ireland preserves the privacy of our talent, so we do not have an online searchable database. This means that we can personally recommend the most suitable people for your project.

Everything is done internally here at Extras Ireland.  Once we know what it is you’re casting, we will put out an availability check to those we think are suitable for it. We will then provide you with a comprehensive list of available talent that will fit both your budget and production needs.

We will email you options as soon as we possibly can. We can send out an availability check to suitable candidates within minutes and send you suggestions very quickly.

Absolutely. We have plenty of experience in finding talent for last minute jobs, even if it is the day before or the day of the shoot.

Extras Ireland has a vast array of people of different ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes.

We have plenty of people who are skilled in things such as; horse riding, ballet, swimming, tennis, singing, juggling, weightlifting, ice-skating etc. Just let us know what you need. 

Cinnte! We have a large number of extras and professional actors who are fluent speakers.

We are happy to search outside our database to find the right person for your project if we need to.

A standard extra is an extra who isn’t recognisable on the screen and doesn’t play a key part in the scene.

A featured/special extra is someone who is integral to the story and their face is recognisable. They may or may not have dialogue but some acting or performance would be required of them.

Yes, we will always make sure to check our emails outside of office hours in case you have a query which is urgent. 


The fee completely depends on the project, the number of hours you require the performer for, the amount of performance required and how/where the footage or images will be used afterwards.

If you would like a quote for your project please contact us with your request and we can let you know exactly how much the fee would be.

No, we do not charge an additional booking fee for our services.

Featured extras and actors cost more than a standard extra because performance is required and they are recognisable. They can cost more for commercial work especially, as this can often prevent us from being able to put them forward for other jobs.

After the job takes place, we will send you an invoice for their fees plus VAT. We will then pay the extras ourselves via our payroll. You won’t need to worry about paying them yourself.

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