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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Extras Ireland?

We are a sister company of the awarding winning team behind the Production People ( who have been supplying production and technical crew to the broadcasting sector for over 10 years. We are a small experienced team of industry professionals and aim to provide the highest level of service to both our clients and background artistes.  What makes us different is that we aim to Meet and Greet all of the extras on our database, giving a personal touch and ensuring we supply a high quality of service.

How do I become an Extra?

Start here.

Register online. Click on the link in the email and start to build your online profile.

Or Email us with the completed Application form and two photographs

Or Attend one of our monthly Meet & Greets (and get a FREE professional headshot)

How much does it cost to join?

At the moment we have a special offer and we charge NO annual fee, NO registration fees, NO photoshoot fee: Nothing. We don’t get paid until you get work.
I want to become an extra, but I’ve never done it before?

Thats great! All that is required is enthusiasm, reliability and a hard work ethic. Its really straight forward and often very easy and lots of fun. We will brief you before any production on the phone and give you as much guidelines as possible.

I have just printed/ filled in our online Application form. What happens next?

You will soon be asked to book into one of our Meet & Greets via our website. You will receive a confirmation email from one of our team explaining where our offices are located and what you need to bring. Don’t forget those all important details so we can pay you and have professional photographs done for use on our website, which is all FREE of charge. It only takes about 10 minutes of your time!!

I want to register but I am unable to make any of the Meet & Greets with your casting team?

We accept all applications via email, online or if you wish to post your application to our production offices. We do however give preference to those who have attended one of the induction sessions as we pride ourselves in having personal contact with all the Extras on our database. If you are sending in the application we require a recent photograph of yourself. The photograph needs to be:

  • Recent clear and accurate photograph of how you currently look
  • At least 2MB in size
  • Just you in the photograph (not you and your friends, not holding a pint of beer or a handbag)
  • Photographed against a plain white background (not you on holidays on the beach or a selfie from your bathroom mirror!!)

When will I get paid for the work I have done?

You can usually expect to be paid within 2-4 weeks after the production directly into your bank account, assuming you have provided all your correct bank details at time of registration. We are aiming to be the fastest paying agency operating in Ireland!!

What commission does Extras Ireland take from the work?

This can vary from 10-20% depending on the production. We will inform you exactly how much you are getting paid before you commit to doing the work.

What is a typical day like as an Extra? 

Every job is different and you should always expect the unexpected. Be prepared for bad weather, traffic delays and getting lost. You will be required to arrive before the call time you were given by our casting team. You will be asked to sign in with an Assistant Director or member of the production as soon as you arrive. There’s usually some down time and waiting around so bring a book or something to keep you occupied while you wait in the holding area. Be careful of your personal belongings and where you leave them. You will be guided and directed as to where to sit, stand or walk throughout the day. At the end of the day when you are wrapped you will be asked to sign out, or return your chit forms to be signed by a member of the production.

Is transport, parking, breakfast and/or lunch provided? 

This depends on each production. Often commercials and film work have long shooting days and will provide these to all the extras with a running lunch break. TV work in studios will generally have free parking, an hour unpaid lunch break and other regular breaks throughout the day. It is advised to bring some money with you to buy lunch. 

How often will I be given work? 

This depends on a variety of factors – Your availability, your suitability for the production, and your flexibility. A good attitude and friendly face always helps too!! We cannot guarantee work for all our members but try our hardest to be fair to everyone 🙂

How do I improve my chances of getting work as an Extra?

Most importantly you should have attended one of the many Meet & Greets that we offer to all extras interested in registering with us. This gives us a chance to check your details on your application form and take an up to date photograph.Secondly, it certainly helps if you are largely flexible and available for work. Most work can be short notice or sometimes last minute. Turning up on time, and having good on set behavior can ensure future calls for work.

Make sure you have filled out all your details, measurements and skills completely to improve your chances!

How do you get in contact with us?

We will generally check if you are available for work on the phone, and will get back to you to confirm if you have been selected for the production or not. We will also send an email with details about your call time, location and guidelines of being on-set. An availability check is never a confirmation of work.

How much notice do you give?

We will try our best to give you as much notice as possible, however the nature of this industry is that things can change last minute for good and bad and is often beyond our control. You can expect occasional last minute calls!!

What happens if I’m double booked for two productions?

If you have been booked for two or more productions, always go with whichever production you initially accepted the work for. If you have been availability checked for two productions and are confused please contact us on (01) 6343114.

What do I need to bring with me on the day of the shoot? 

Sometimes you are asked to bring your PPS number, ID (passport is best) and bank details. Often you are asked to bring your own costume with you on the day. We kindly ask you to bring at least 4 changes of clothes with the following guidelines:

  • Plain neutral colors (i.e colors that don’t attract attention: grey, navy, brown, tan etc)
  • No plain white shirts or jackets
  • No flower prints or large logo brands
  • No high heel or shoes that make noise
  • Bring a contrasting range of jackets, coats, tops, hoodies, hats and scarfs.

I’m registered with another agency is that a problem?

No, unlike some others, we have no issue if you are with multiple Acting or Extra agencies.

Do you accept children?

Yes we accept anyone of all ages, nationality and size. Please keep in mind that extra work for children can be rare but there is often occasional work throughout the year. Often children require their parents or guardians along with them otherwise we or the production provides Garda vetted Chaperones for the day.


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